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  • Dobly AC3 audio encoding with Compressor…??

  • mrshow555

    July 5, 2007 at 9:42 pm

    Does anyone know of a good link for an in depth explanation of the Dolby 2.0 AC3 encoder for Compressor?

    I’m working on a DVD that has three tracks of audio and I’m getting a vide bitrate too high error on the build when I use AIFF 48:16 audio.

    It works when I test it with the default AC3 settings, but the audio then sounds too low sometimes (i burned a comparision DVD with the aiff on audio track 1 an the ac3 on track 2 to see the difference).

    So basiclly I’m looking for a good link or any tips on explaning the diferent options of the Dolby encoder and what they mean to figure out the best settings to use for my project.

    It’s a standard miniDV project originating in FCP. Two audio tracks of the dvd with be composite mixes (on normal, and tv censored) and th other will be a commentary track.

    I noticed a commentary option under the Bitstream mode drop down menu in Compressor- not sure on how this performs and if it’s a good idea.

    Also I’m not sure of what to use for Dialogue Normalization -27db seems pretty low. Does this have any relation to if you used -12db tone to calibrate the mix?

    In the Bitstream tab, what should i set for Dobly surround mode? We never did a surround mix so should i put not encoded or not indicated?

    Also in pre-processing tab, should i change the Compression drop down to NONE? I think I read that somewhere before.

    Any help or steering in the right direction would be great! Thanks.

  • Daniel Low

    July 6, 2007 at 10:00 am

    The DVD Studio Pro manual and installed help files should have all the answers you need including all the dialogue normalisation.

    Outside of that there’s Mr Ken Stone:

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