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  • Dissing Forum sysops

  • Michael Najarian

    August 19, 2010 at 10:48 pm

    Giving Forum Leadership a hard time is reprehensable.

    The people running forums in particular the ones without sponser donate more time to TRYING to help people who cannot get help from Developer companys that rack the profits in and leave you high and dry to deal with there bugs and issues.

    In MANY cases I find forum contributors to be the soul of the remaining geek world, to offer a hand in a kaotic greed minded environment is noble to say the least.

    Although I have not participated or benifitted from this forum as of yet I can see it is professionally run and supports itself with advertisement that is somewhat obtrusive but far from impeding, Developers NEVER fix there problems and let the generosity of the user base do there job while they collect the funds.


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