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  • Delivering digital PAL SD to ADSTREAM in the UK

  • Scott Hutchins

    April 19, 2013 at 10:19 am


    I’m currently working at an ad agency delivering PAL commercials in the UK (London), I’m having slight brain melt trying to export an HD master 1920×1080 uncompressed quicktime (edited and finished out of house), as a 720×576 16:9FHA mpeg2 from Adobe Media Encoder CS6 to match adstream’s preferred delivery spec, this appeared to be the most relevant section to post this so I hope this is ok! (first time poster long time reader etc etc).

    I can’t seem to find a true anamorphic setting in media encoder. It appears the only way I can deliver is export the HD from FCP7 with a photo-jpeg codec at PAL SD resolution and it’ll resize ok, but I think the quality is poor. Or resize the original file to 1024×576 in after effects, bring in to FCP, clock and export with photo-jpeg codec as PAL SD, which is accepted by adstream and was what I was told to do as part of my handover from the previous editor (haven’t had any rejections from adstream thus far).

    When I see the TVC broadcast on TV (resized in AE to 1024×576 and exported from FCP as PAL SD anamorphic photo jpeg) it doesn’t appear as high in quality as the other TVC’s preceding and following it, and I thought if I could just clock the 1920×1080 uncompressed file in FCP, export uncompressed 1920×1080, bring in to encoder, export at the preferred adstream format (mpeg2 program stream, 625/50 PAL, 50Mbps CBR I frame only, [email protected], 4:2:2, 720×576, upper field first, mpeg audio layer-2, 384kbps, 48khz, stereo) it might look much much better when viewed in the home on a pretty standard widescreen TV. I was also a bit concerned about the ‘stretch to fit’ option in encoder, if I can find a way of creating the correct PAR then I was then worried that by then using ‘stretch to fill’ to fill the dimensions then the image won’t stretch horizontally when shown on a widescreen TV and everyone will have eggs for heads. Cutting off part of the image using scale to fit wouldn’t go down well with my superiors. I come from a background of delivering HDCAM masters, so i’m fairly new to digital delivery, and i’m basically looking to amend the workflow at my current post as I think it can be improved on.

    I know adstream employees frequent this forum, and they all seem nice as pie so I was really hoping one of them might pick this up. I’ve tried contacting adstream directly but all I can do is send in trial runs for QC and wait for an email to say its failed, eek.

    Sorry for the epic message!! If i’ve missed some important info please just say, i’m very very new to posting questions in forums so i’ve probably committed a few faux pas along the way (i’m working and typing almost simultaneously). Thanks in advance!! Everyone on here I consider to be heroes, creative cow has been uber good to me for some time now.


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