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  • Vincent Strader

    March 24, 2011 at 10:25 pm

    Great to see a thread with this title.

    I work for a city municipal office. Right when we got CS4, CS5 came out. And budgets in all city offices are extremely tight right now, so there was no way for any upgrades to happen. I was told between the two there wasn’t a huge amount of difference to get upset over.

    I’m also about to get my own set up to do freelance stuff. Can’t use office stuff unfortunately. And I heard that CS6 might get a release Summer 2011. It’s causing me to wait on my computer purchase. I don’t want to buy ANYTHING at the moment till NAB passes and until the next major software is updated.

    I know the waiting is something you can’t really do since stuff is always changing. But if you know something is just a few months away I think waiting is OK.

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  • Jonas Bendsen

    March 23, 2012 at 11:38 pm

    I think someone lied to you, Vincent. From what I’ve seen (and suffered), the differences between Premiere CS4 and CS5 are vast. There are several documented bugs in CS4 (that I encounter all the freaking time) that Adobe decided not to fix, instead opting to address the issues only in CS5, so you have to upgrade ($$$$) for the fix. It’s kind of infuriating.

    I’m experiencing further problems right now with even just trying to use a plug-in (Colorista Free only works in CS5). I purchased Colorista in July 2009, which is simply AWFUL in Premiere CS4 –the color wheels are like trying to move boulders and there is NO PRECISION whatsoever; less than a year later Colorista II drops and I’m left with a buggy product (Colorista in Premiere CS4) that I can’t get help with.

    Also wondering where you heard CS6 for summer of 2011, considering it’s summer of 2012 and we still don’t have it.

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