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Forums Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 Project Manager not collecting all assets.

  • CS5.5 Project Manager not collecting all assets.

  • Tony TerBorg

    November 3, 2013 at 10:20 pm

    I am having a problem with the Project Manager in CS5.5.

    Although I have used it successfully in the past, on a current project I am trying to archive it is not performing correctly.

    The issue is that the Project Manager is not collecting all the video clips when processing the project.

    My project and its assets are contained in a folder on an external drive and not scattered across my computer or multiple drive. The settings I am selecting are:

    Selecting all sequences (11 in project)
    Create trimmed project
    Exclude unused clips
    90 frame handles
    Save in different folder on different drive (in this case to my C: drive just for collecting then will move to archive drive media).

    When I process, I am consistently missing several video clips. They are a mix of avi and mov clips and they seem to be the same clips each time.

    The clips are located with the other video files. They play just fine in the project but somehow they do not get included and trimmed when processed through the Project Manager. There appears to nothing different or unique about the clips that get picked up or missed.

    Any idea or suggestions are appreciated.

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