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  • Creating some sort of “dymanic link” between two AE files

  • Jeroen Rommelaars

    October 9, 2019 at 10:53 am

    Hey guys,

    I have a “master overlay” AE project, which shows a certain overlay depending on a lot of factors, tied together with a lot of code, and can show those overlays in a lot of different aspect ratio’s etc. To summerize – its a very complicated overlay 😛

    Now, I’m using this overlay AE file in dozens of other AE files – which in turn are also not so straight forward and are combinations of tons of expressions/code to automize output.

    This is all well and good and works great.
    However…now the client wants to change something in the master overlay project. The change itself is easily done of course, but I have to “replace” the overlay project within all the other dozens of projects.
    Since AE files aren’t imported as “an AE file”, but rather as a folder with the actual contents in that project in that folder, replacing the overlay with the new version is far from straight forward – and I have to do this many, many times.

    Now, if it was, for example, an AE file in a PP file, then Dynamic Link would make this chore a few simple clicks – but sadly, I haven’t figured out how to do this with AE.

    Do you guys know of any proper way to do this? Simulate Dynamic Link between AE files? Or a way to import an AE file into another AE file where it just stays ‘one file’ instead of actually loading the entire contents of the first AE file into the second?

    Any help would be much appreciated!


  • Kyle Maven

    October 9, 2019 at 9:12 pm

    Don’t know of any way for dynamic link between AE files. I don’t know how your projects are setup but the only thing I can suggest is making all your changes in the overlay AE file, import to desired file, and ALT-Click to replace compositions manually. I know that probably isn’t the answer you were looking for but I hope you are able to figure it out.

    Without know how your projects are setup, is there a way to just keep them all in one project file? That would make it more robust for if you need to go back and make changes. Maybe bring in all your other AE files into the one overlay file?

    Hope this helps?

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