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  • Creating Scripts with prompts

  • Chris Orcfilm

    December 13, 2013 at 4:39 am

    So, for some reason I cannot find any resources online so I am asking you,

    is there a good resource/tutorial that explains how you can create scripts that you can save and run later that will apply a preset, but give you the opportunity to prompt the user for required information/parameters that is later used in the preset?

    Kind of like a Wizard that steps the user through the process and may create compositions as required along the way?

    I know it can be done, just have no idea where to start. Maybe there is a book?

    Thanks for reading this and for forgiving my ignorance.



    Orchard Film Studios, Canada

  • Xavier Gomez

    December 14, 2013 at 8:50 pm


    Help > Scripting Help…
    links you to more or less everything you need to start scripting, but it’s a lot of things to read so here is some résumé:

    information about scripting for After Effects is all included in the After-Effects-CS6-Scripting-Guide.pdf, but it does not include UI stuff. UI related things are a topic on their own which is covered in the JavaScriptToolsGuide_CS5.pdf

    Now these ressources are very detailed, most of the time you will find answers to your questions there, but they are also a bit dry (just a bit) and it is more useful to start with some concrete examples. It is less and less easy to find open code scripts but there are some. Dan Ebberts’ site:

    gives a few tutorials/examples to get started and see how it works. Then build upon that and the guides.
    The adobe scripting forum is also helpful:

    I was about to forget!! On the Adobe forum you will find David Torno’s video tutorials which will lift you from absolute beginner to Senior Coder in 19 Episodes:


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