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  • Creating Ian hubert style assets in Cinema 4D

  • dave sujono

    July 8, 2021 at 9:56 pm

    Big fan of ian hubert’s modelling techniques as they are extremely time efficient and effective. I tried following his tutorials inside of Cinema and got a bit stuck at some key points.

    These are the two videos I’m referring to, which are inside blender

    So I’m trying to use the same techniques of using images and uv mapping to quickly create buildings.
    I’m quite new to using the uv editor and I’m wondering if the following is possible inside C4D’s uv editor.

    for context, I’ve got a basic building with a texture imported from file>open texture. I’ve cube projected the building and am working in the uv edit mode in r23.

    1. In the first video at about 0:10, he shows an option to “correct uvs”.
    what I’ve got is thisimage.png.7da9d4a462eee9732301cf4d7309913d.png

    and then I slide the edge and the texture warps. Is there a way to slide edges without screwing up the texture? baking it works but that means I can no longer slide around the uvs or make changes


    2. Blender’s uv editor has a way of only showing the selected face in
    the uv editor, such as in the second video at 0:19. In Cinema all the
    faces seem to be visible at all times. Is there an option to “only view
    selected polys” in C4D’s uv editor? the image attached shows no
    difference when I only select one poly, the rest are still visible


    3. At 0:22 of the second video Ian’s able to view the texture on his
    model whilst making knife cuts and extrusions, when I try edit the model
    in any way cinema automatically hides the texture and I have to make my
    changes based on guesses, and then reload the texture from the uv
    editor. Am I able to keep the image on the model whilst making mesh
    and then when I switch to the knife tool to edit the mesh, the texture
    disappears from the model in the viewport, making it impossible to
    extrude windows and such.

    4. Can you adjust the individual points of a uv polygon in the editor?

    Thanks guys!

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