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  • creating background for chroma key

  • bill hash

    October 13, 2006 at 12:59 pm

    If I paint a backgound for chroma key in photoshop(or corel painter)what DPI should it be for mini dv and hdv. I am very well versed in having talent seperate from the greenscreenlighting as well as haing seperate lighting as well for the talent so lets consider that is not an issue.

  • Tim Kurkoski

    October 13, 2006 at 6:29 pm

    DPI is irrelevant to video. DPI is a relative measure to the real world (inches being a real-world measurement), and since your video should be displayed across the whole screen regardless of the size of display, a real world measurement has no relevance.

    All that matters is that your video frame is the correct size for your format- 720×480 for DV NTSC, and 1280×720 or 1440×1080 for HDV.

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