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  • Creating a ball with logo and seam in photoshop 3d

  • Eugene Constable

    April 24, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    I am trying to create a 3d cricket ball in Photoshop.

    I need to add a seam to the ball and also a logo to one side of it.

    created a 1920×1080 canvas (this is for video eventually)

    I created a primitive sphere from the photoshop mesh presets
    I paste in my logo from illus in to the layer above in the 3d panel and rasterize the layer
    I size it up as best I can and then merge down. using camera front view
    Tis succesfully wraps my logo onto one side of the sphere.

    I then have aseam that I also created in illustrator. (These are basically just dashed horizontal lines across a 1920×1080 illus document.)

    When I paste this into to photshop and ty and merge it down using camera top view it only wraps halfway around the sphere. So I tried creating a separate 3d mesh sphere using the seam layer, which works – but then I can’t get it to wrap in the correct direction, plus Im not sure how to merge the 2 separate 3d layers.

    I think Im missing a trick here…

    Thanks, very confused!


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