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  • Create customizable mesh warp using nulls and expressions

  • Shaun Cammack

    January 14, 2022 at 10:34 pm

    First, let me preface…I’m not new to AE expressions, and have some background in programming.

    I’m trying to create a programmatic mesh warp grid that mimics what you’d get in Photoshop Edit -> Transform -> Warp for visualization purposes (i.e. would need to be rendered into a finished video).

    I can get part way there using the script “Create Nulls from Paths Extended”, but I can’t get the tangents on the four corners to affect the lines in-between the exterior lines (which do bend correctly…see attached image). Plus, the way I’m doing it is likely messier.

    My guess is that you’d have to do some fancy array work to get both the horizontal and vertical tangents to affect each area of the grid, but in interpolated ways…like if you pull the lower tangent from the upper-left corner, way down, it should cause all the horizontal lines to bend down toward the bottom line, but not equally.

    If anyone has thoughts on implementation, I’m all ears. If this isn’t doable or would require quite a bit of background in coding, I’m still open.

    Not asking for someone to build the thing, but even some pointers as the best method would be awesome.

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