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Forums Adobe After Effects Corrupt composition is crashing, tried everything, it’s driving me mad

  • Corrupt composition is crashing, tried everything, it’s driving me mad

  • alex ezorsky

    November 21, 2019 at 9:26 pm

    Windows 10 (tried on different computers with different hardware and slightly different windows updates)
    After Effects 2020 (but also tried 2019)
    i8700k GTX1080 16GB RAM (but also tried on 2 other laptops with GPU’s)

    This has happened to me twice today (because I have a deadine tonight of course) and has happened on both a complex project with lots of mocha effects as well as a super simple project with just some precomps and masks. At some point when working on these projects I get to a point where AE crashes with various errors listed below, and sometimes no error at all, and sometimes it will let me save mid crash. But when I open any instance of my projects even autosaves I can move around until I get to a specific composition and then BAM complete crash freeze, closes.

    Other things I’ve tried and still somehow get the crash on that comp (even when the footage is removed!):
    – Transcoding all footage to prores
    – Deleting all mp4s and mp3’s
    – Deleting all footage… it still crashes on that one comp!
    – Purging cache
    – resetting preferences
    – Removing all effects
    – Importing old project into new one


    – BEE_ThrededRenderUpdateQueue::Render_DeserializeFullProject ZANZIBAR-2:old=000000000000000000-00000-0000-0, new=926a7a1-e012-4275-9030-aa47dd925431, new-ts=12272

    – After Effects error: Crash in progress. Last logged message was: <9228> <0> Debug Assert failed!
    Expression: false
    Invalid Out Rect (height) (2)
    Process: AfterFX.exe
    Process ID: 7592
    Thread ID: 9228
    Line: 264
    Function: ML::RenderFrameRequest::RenderFrameRequest
    Assert Dialog Show:false

  • alex ezorsky

    November 22, 2019 at 3:26 am

    Well in case anyone else finds this post in a hunt for yet another mystery nightmare with AE, this one turned out to be A SINGLE MASK EXPANSION KEYFRAME that was I guess just too high for AE. Not a single warning from AE that this could’ve been the cause. Dang this is frustrating. Had to find this out by deleting every single effect, property and keyframe in the entire project as fast as possible before it crashed and then doing CNTRL+Z until it crashed and I knew which property it was.

    As for the other project that was crashing…still a mystery.

    I suppose I’m still open to helpful suggestions but maybe this will be a help to someone in the future!

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