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  • Compressor Problem: QuickTime Error: -50

  • Mark Maness

    May 11, 2006 at 2:15 pm

    Hey gang…..

    Has anybody seen this error inside of Compressor? I have the first quarter of shows that I have done that need to be compressed for the web. I setup my project for the compression settings and the desination and submit it to the Batch Monitor. Well, every once in a while I end up with a program that has failed one of its compressions. Each program has four compression settings. I’m using the QuickTime 6 Compatable compressions (minus the LAN setting).

    Is this something that everybody is dealing with or is it just me?


    Wayne Carey
    Schazam Productions

  • Mike Jackson

    May 12, 2006 at 12:42 am

    I get this problem too, and it drives me nuts. Not just because I can’t figure out what causes the error, but also because there’s no time saver in compressor like ‘use most recent settings’, so I have to re-do the entire export process, over and over, changing settings one by one until it works. I still can’t establish the pattern either – Though it seems to happen most frequently if I’m exporting through FCP and have a lot of filters on the footage, or if I dare to touch any of the re-sizing quality controls. I’ve never had so little success trouble-shooting an error, and all I really know for sure is that I *don’t* have a problem if I just use a preset and spit out MPEGs for DVD.

    So I would LOVE to know what sets off this error, and how to at least avoid it. Until then, I’ve gone back to After Effects (of all things!) for any complex work.

    -Mike Jackson
    Steam Powered Films

  • Mark Maness

    May 12, 2006 at 1:11 pm

    Well, here’s the puzzling thing that will really twist your rope… I am exporting complete 30 mintue shows without commercials and saving them as entire files (not reference media). The files are around 8.15G each. Yes, they are huge but its the only way for me to archive shows that I can make dvds or additional show copies after the show has aired. So basically, I’m not exporting a timelime, mine are just simple Quicktime files in the IMX50 codec. And just like yours, it occurs very randomly between each compression of the programs. Screwy, ain’t it!


    Wayne Carey
    Schazam Productions

  • Jenni Saaristo

    October 20, 2010 at 9:46 am

    I see this is an awfully old thread, but it seems the problem still persists.

    I’m exporting 30 min offlines for remote viewing, using reference Quicktimes and Compressor to create H.264 -files. This has worked perfectly for three episodes.

    The fourth one would end time and again with “Quicktime Error: -50”.

    After strenuous troubleshooting I pinpointed the problem to be caused by certain text elements on the timeline, created with FCP’s own text tool. Funnily enough, not all text clips were problematic! Some of them went through with zero errors.

    I can’t even begin to guess what this is all about. But testing the timeline and having some luck saved my day this time.

    FCP 7.0.2 / Compressor 3.5.2 / Mac OS 10.6.3

    Jenni Saaristo
    freelance editor / Helsinki, Finland

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