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  • Compressor Failing

  • Ken Bennett

    January 13, 2021 at 11:58 pm

    Since Dec 29th, my Compressor (ver. 4.4.8) has failed every attempted render. The error is always about the same.

    Failed: Error: RenderFrameAt returned: 4 for absolute frame: xxxxxx


    Failed: Error: RenderFrameAt returned: 3 for absolute frame: xxxxx

    I’ve tried many times and get the save error message. Now when I go back into FCPX my picture will appear in the FCPX playback monitor when I scrub or play it but then it goes black, Now the entire video is black. Sound but no picture. These 2 videos in question here (the one’s I’ve been trying to render since Dec 29th), one is a single clip (107mins) and the other is a single Compound clip. I loaded in a 3rd project (3 Compound clips) and it appears to be fine. With this one I have done no additional editing since Dec 29th.

    Pay attention. I restart FCPX. the first video plays fine when I scrub through. But when I play right before the frame number given in the error message my picture goes black and from that point on one I have NO PICTURE anywhere in the video. It’s all black. No picture but still I have sound. Same thing happens in the other video in question too. All since Dec 29th! Any plug-ins I may have gotten around that time have not been used in these videos.

    What the hell is going no here????

    Help. Advice. Suggestions.

  • Jeremy Garchow

    January 14, 2021 at 12:49 am

    Trash your cache files, and trash your preferences.

    At that point in time, where it goes black, what happens if you match frame?

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