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  • Compositing 3D volume fog ?

  • Xav VonL

    March 31, 2020 at 8:58 pm

    Hello people;
    I’ve been getting headaches for several hours now, so I’m eventually asking for some hints here.

    I’m building a landscape timelapse scene in C4D, basically mountain view above the clouds.
    Mountains are regular geometry with thousands of trees on it.
    No animation for the trees, camera also doesn’t move.

    The only moving element in the scene is the cloud layer which is a Turbulence FD simulation.

    All rendered in RedShift.

    Sure I could just leave the whole scene render for days but since the trees are not animated with wind or such, I wondered if there was a copositing work around in after effects to just render the mountains + trees only once as a stillframe and then render the fog animation but then…. ?
    Position pass maybe ? but no idea how it works in AE…..

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