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  • Comic Book Animation?!

  • Chaernon Adrian

    December 16, 2016 at 4:59 pm

    Hi, I am trying to do something like this.

    Only problem is the guy who created the tutorial is inactive now and it`s been way over a month since he said he`s gonna post the 2nd part of it.

    I have some experience with AP and AE and I already did some tests to see how my stuff would come out in the PS phase and it came out alright. Problem is I want to also have a 2.5D effect to some of the pictures and I am a little confused about this.

    I thought about cutting the main character which I want to move with the 2.5D [Parallax effect] technique and have it on a separate layer than the background so I could pin it and move it like a puppet.

    Is there any easier/better way to do this? Do y`all have any tutorials on YouTube about creating a comic book type animation with real pictures?

    PS: Does anyone know a more “darker” way of making a video with pictures? I`m making a music video and the song is 90s type with a really dark/deep vibe and I would want to make everything either like a comic book or black and white with a huge contrast between the whites and the blacks so I get something really deep and add the Parallax effect [2.5D] to it. So any tutorials on this kind of video would also help.

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  • Nathan Walters

    December 16, 2016 at 5:20 pm

    I would put each comic panel in its own composition. And then put them all together in the main comp which would be the actual pages and all the panels put together.

    So for each panel, put all the elements of that panel in a composition. Make them all 3D layers and separate them in z-space. Then add subtle camera movements to add the parallax effect.

    And then deal with getting the “darker” feel afterwards by color grading it all after; adding lots of contrast and probably desaturation. And in your choice of color palette.

    You could use the puppet tool if you want to animate one of the layers in the composition. Depending on what you’re animating, but that’s really the best way to add subtle animations, like an arm moving, head movement, etc.

    Someone should really finish that tutorial…

    Nathan Walters
    Halo Union Productions

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