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  • Cloud and local backup solutions: advice? Consultant?

  • Michael Hadley

    January 7, 2022 at 6:13 pm

    Hey Folks:

    I’m trying to help an agency partner spec out their video storage and workflow needs for the next few years. If you know of a consultant and/or have any general ideas, please send ’em my way. Specifically, some of the agency’s video post-production happens in 4 edit bays in their offices (which needs local access and then backup) but most of the work is virtual–working with remote editors like me.

    So there’s two parts to this. There’s the long terms storage and backup needs for this hybrid local/virtual workflow, and then there’s the workflow component (which has a local and virtual aspect).

    FWIW, I use FCP but most their editing is done on Premiere.

    Also: I use Postlab for my company and the remote editors I work with. It’s great for getting to a cut but then it is a proxy workflow and also doesn’t cover the long terms storage/backup part of the equation.

    If you have a recommendation or any ideas, LMK and thanks!!

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