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  • Elias Huch

    February 17, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    I am new Cinema 4D and am concerned about render and preview times within the app. I have an intel 8 core Mac pro with 14 gigs of ram and am using version 10 of C4D. I am currently working on a project with hair using about 250,000 hairs. I realize this should take a while. But it is tending to take about 15 minutes just to render a region of the frame. So, here’s my question. Does Cinema use all of the processors or is there something I need to do to allow it to use them? I am an After Effects designer by trade and AE has multiprocessing built into it’s preferences. I’ve searched forums and dug through the interface and cannot find anything. I set up Net Render, but I’m unsure if that will work since I’m not actually adding other machines and I am only trying to preview at this point. Can anyone explain this to me.

    Elias Huch
    Motion Graphics Designer
    Reelvizion Productions

  • randy johnson

    February 17, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    Net render is for multiple work stations (or render farm) your machine will take advantage of all the cores with out it. As for RAM the 32 bit version of C4D cannot take advantage of more than a couple gigs however this plays a very small role in rendering..

    Your render times are directly related to whats in your scene. Since you have a lot of hair other factors like your lighting, ambient occlusion or global illumination, highly reflective (with blur) materials, Sub Poly displacement are going to play huge roles in the render time. You should even look at the amount of segments you have per hair.
    I have a simliar system with osx 10.6 and cinema 11.5 and I am rendering 250 000 hairs in 15 seconds on a landscape object. So i suggest you take a look at your scene and see what you can optimize, bake or fake.


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