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  • Cine glass decisions (Schneider Xenon FF prime lenses)

  • Enginn Heima

    January 6, 2022 at 12:22 pm


    I’m about to abandon my old Nikon photographic lenses I’ve been using for my video productions for quite a while and buy a set of prime cine lenses.

    I started off looking into entry level lenses as Rokinon/Samyang/Xeen, Meike and DZOFilm and I wasn’t so convinced by some of the reviews. So, this brought me to looking into the more reputed lense makers but there weren’t many within my price limit. I had set my maximum price limit at 2.500 euros per lens and that left me almost with no choice. I’ve been mainly searching for used Zeiss CP2s but they are hard to find and usually go for more than 2.500. Then I was also afraid of buying used glass with the investment being that great (relative to my means of course).

    But then I stumbled upon new Schneider Xenon lenses at just around 2.500 euros per lens! I have been looking all over for some honest thoughts on these lenses but they seem to be somehow rare even if they were first released almost ten years ago (at a much higher price tag back then it seems). It feels as if they are not so much used in the industry and that alone makes you wonder.

    They are somewhere in between the entry level cine glass and the much more pricy industry standard lenses and one might think they should be appreciated as such.

    I’d like to hear any thoughts on these lenses if there is somebody out there ready to give his or her opinion. And maybe there is a lens option I’m missing out and that’s within my price limits.

    My present camera is a Sony A7Siii and that’s another question, if I should get a lens with the Sony E-mount or if I should get it with a PL mount for sturdiness or a Canon mount for greater compatibility?


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