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Forums Panasonic Cameras cataloging offloaded cards, but not at the clip level

  • cataloging offloaded cards, but not at the clip level

  • Paul Dougherty

    February 8, 2021 at 9:51 pm

    Hi, this might be a little off topic but has to do with where your footage goes after its first use. I’m trying to design a descriptive database for a variety of archived production reels a.k.a. video card directories, saved in their native state. I work for an international charitable organization and the focus of the catalog is footage content and not technical metadata.

    Each record in the catalog (database not a DAM) represents a off-loaded card. It should have a little bit of granularity that I’m calling “scenes.” The example below was copied from a TV station record but I’m hoping we can do one better. I’m not sure it’s best to dump all that information in one description field. I’m sure there is a convention or a best practice out there but I just don’t know what it is. I’d like to find a media manager forum to post this question but don’t know of one.

    Thanks in advance fo any help.

    Paul Dougherty

    sample “scene” descriptions. Each clip # = start of a series of shots

    PIX_100_01 John Grant stand-ups in front of Courthouse

    PIX_100_08 Courthouse exterior b-roll

    PIX_100_27 Courthouse interior/jail b-roll

    PIX_100_45 interview Ed McCormack, FBI Special Agent (Retired)

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