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  • Can’t access Video Settings for old AJA VTR XCHANGE

  • Peter Kenter

    September 16, 2020 at 8:32 pm

    I have been reading through years of archived AJA forum posts and decided to use an old IO LA to capture to a Mac Pro via Firewire. I have read all of the Creative Cow IO troubleshooting threads but am finally stuck on what I think should be an easy hurdle.

    I can’t access the “VIDEO SETTINGS” on VTR XCHANGE under the CAPTURE tab
    (no pane opens) and the software continues to tell me: “Couldn’t create
    a video channel.” I imagine I am not giving the utility something it needs to activate video settings, but not sure what it is demanding.

    I’m providing a known good signal using a Panasonic AG1980 via S-video. The front panel of the IO LA acknowledges the presence of an S-video signal and the Firewire connection. AJA Control Panel recognizes the IO LA.

    I have a compatible version of FINAL CUT PRO, uninstalled as yet. As the forums say, if you can’t get the IO LA working with VTR XCHANGE, then it won’t work with FCP either.

    I know this is ancient history to you folks, but if anyone can provide some insight, I would be grateful.



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