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  • Dan Asselin

    October 31, 2010 at 5:28 pm

    Hi Ron;

    First a bit of history. A few months back I floated an idea to create an FAQ for the Business and Marketing forum. As always the Cow was very receptive and a page was created. However, despite my continued comments, it was created in such a way as to become much less than a valuable resource.

    Ron I would like to volunteer to become the “Leader” or “Moderator” of the Business and marketing FAQ and here is how I believe we can make it a valuable resource.

    First we make it question-based with the top 25(?) questions listed.
    We can phrase the question so as to include a few that are handling the same areas. (i.e…..Should I go to school, where should I go to school etc.)

    Underneath Each Question would be a simple set of numbers which provide links to the best threads covering the answer to the question.

    Then at the bottom of the page direct links to the best business-related articles and tutorials. (Clients and Grinders sure to be #1)

    A couple of related items as well. I used to be able to find a full list of all of the posts for each contributor very easily. It seems as though this is no longer the case. There is no doubt that in finding the best answers for the B&M FAQ the name Zellin will need to be searched so does anyone have any tips for me?

    Also, as much work as you put into the search database I am rarely able to find anything because the same question can be asked in so many ways as to make the search impossible.

    Finally I wonder if this might be an idea which could be used on other forums. Ron I have noticed you getting involved in threads where newbies are complaining of poor treatment at the hands of others. I wonder if the lack of just such a resource might have something to do with the frequency of such complaints.

    Thanks for your time

    Dan Asselin

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