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  • Bru PE with an LTO Autoloader

  • Eric Notarnicola

    March 11, 2014 at 8:54 pm

    Anyone out there using Bru PE with an autoloader for storage archiving? Was wondering what the best workflow would be. I am taking projects off of our RAID to individual 3TB drives for quick access, and to LTO-5/6 for deep storage offsite. We gave a Tandberg 8 bay autoloader and Bru PE on OSX.

    Our goal is to set a job in motion that archive several drives to 8 tapes without supervision, then more tapes are loaded and archived, etc. Each drive needs 1 to 3 tapes. We’d also like to be able to recover this archive without the use of an autoloader (i.e. do the recovery on a stand alone LTO drive by feeding one tape at a time). Is there a way to do that with Bru PE?

    Looking at the manual my first thought is to set up a library destination group for each drive (consisting of two tapes each), then set up a job that archives each drive to its destination group, and schedule them to happen 15 minutes in the future. Is that the best way to do it-or is there a simpler way?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

  • Tim Jones

    March 12, 2014 at 11:30 am

    Hi Eric,

    Your proposed workflow is dead on. That’s why we classify the tapes in a library by destination definitions rather than just grabbing slots. Also, by specifying destinations, you can limit a job’s access to tapes in other slots – BRU will prompt you for more tapes if you fill a destination rather than just moving to other slots.

    As for restoring from a standalone drive, this is also possible and in fact BRU PE is designed to work that way. If you look at the setup panel for a restore job, you can see that you can select the library or a separate standalone drive from the source popup menu. BRU PE will prompt your operator for each tape as required.



    Tim Jones
    CTO – TOLIS Group, Inc.
    BRU … because it’s the RESTORE that matters!

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