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  • Blackmagic HD Link SDI to DVI would it be the correct one?

  • Nicolas Bigler

    April 28, 2011 at 10:22 pm

    I’m trying to setup a new video system.
    I currently have one problem.

    The output of the mixer (Panasonic AW-HS50E) is supposed to be SDI as we have 20-40m to the projector (Sanyo PLV-WF10). We are planing to use the DVI input of the projector.
    Initially I tried a Blackmagic SDI to HDMI mini converter and then a HDMI to DVI cable which did not work (projector is recognizing there is a signal blue screen to black screen but no image)

    I am now thinking a Blackmagic HD Link SDI to DVI should do the trick, but after talking to a few friends, I don’t really know if this will work.

    The system layout as I’m thinking right now is:

    The connections would be:
    Panasonic mixer
    output: 1080/50i SDI
    Blackmagic HD LInk:
    SD-SDI, HD-SDI 4:2:2, HD-SDI 4:4:4, 2K via SDI and dual-link HD-SDI 4:4:4.
    the above kind of looks like chinese to me,
    DVI-D 1080i50
    Projector Sanyo PLV-WF10:

    Would the DVI-D to DVI-I be a problem? Would there be other problem with any of the above?

    Inputs(ideas/comments would be more than welcome as I am struggling to finalize the system.



    Nicolas Bigler

  • David Eaks

    April 28, 2011 at 11:11 pm

    What an awesome Switcher, I love mine!

    The BlackMagic SDI to HDMI with an HDMI to DVI cable should work. Have you got a signal out to any monitor yet? You may need to go into the menu to setup a few things, if you haven’t already. The DVI input is #5, it also has size adjustments in the OSD, you have the right input selected? What is the SDI output set as (e.g. record or preview)?

    Your setup looks good, probably just need to change a setting or two.

    Oh, just saw DVI-D to DVI-I, that’s a problem (DVI-D is digital, DVI-I is analog). I haven’t had to deal with that, not sure what to tell ya.

  • Luke Maslen

    April 28, 2011 at 11:46 pm

    Hi Nicolas,

    [Nicolas Bigler] “We are planing to use the DVI input of the projector.
    Initially I tried a Blackmagic SDI to HDMI mini converter and then a HDMI to DVI cable which did not work “

    Unfortunately running an HDMI signal in to a DVI display usually will not work. This is because most DVI displays/projectors expect a 60 Hz signal whereas HDMI will be sending it the native video frame rate which could be 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30 Hz, etc. When you input SDI video in to your Mini Converter SDI to HDMI, it outputs at exactly the same frame rate and that is unlikely to be compatible with the DVI input of your projector. HDMI fully supports DVI signals but DVI only works with some HDMI signals.

    The HDLink Pro DVI Digital should work perfectly for you and supports all of the SDI variations that you listed. It will take your SDI signal and apply pull down processing to adapt the video for your DVI projector. Any delay introduced by this processing will also be applied to the audio outputs of the HDLink Pro so that video and audio are kept in sync.

    You mentioned that your projector has a DVI-I input. DVI-I supports both DVI-D (digital) and DVI-A (analog) signals. It will certainly accept the DVI-D output from the HDLink Pro DVI Digital.

    In conclusion, the HDLink Pro DVI Digital should work fine with your SDI inputs and your DVI projector.


    Luke Maslen
    Blackmagic Design

  • Nicolas Bigler

    May 8, 2011 at 6:48 pm

    Thanks guys for all the valuable information,

    I’ve ordered a Blackmagic HD Link Pro DVI digital and was finally able to test it today. It definitely solves the issue of signal compatibility.

    But now I have a new problem. I have the image on my projector (Sanyo PLV-WF10) but it’s croping both sides (height is fine).
    I’ve tried:

    • downloading the Blackmagic software for the HD Link Pro to see if I change this, but without success.
    • I tried changing the output of the mixer (Panasonic AW-HS50E) but also without success. The only way I have found to have uncropped image is to go down to 576/50i but then it’s too low in resolution and I get a small image in the center of the projector.

    For reference, the mixer can send the following signals (SDI OUT):

    • 1080/59.94i
    • 1080/50i
    • 1080/24PsF
    • 1080/23.98PsF
    • 720/59.94p
    • 720/50p
    • 480/59.94i
    • 576/50i

    and the projector (DVI IN) can accept the following (from the user manual):
    DVI-I Terminal (Digital/Analogue)

    Any idea on how to fix this? I’ve tried pretty much every setting without success.


    Nicolas Bigler

  • Luke Maslen

    May 10, 2011 at 2:39 am

    Hi Nicolas,

    According to page 6 of your projector’s manual, “This projector can not display image of over 1600 x 1200 dots.” This means it cannot accept a HD1920x1080 signal via it’s DVI input and you will need to set the output of your mixer to a maximum resolution of HD720p.

    After setting the mixer to output 720p, please open the HDLink Utility software, go to the (inconspicuous) HDLink Utility menu and choose Preferences. Enable the option to “Override Monitor’s Preferred EDID settings” and click “Close“. Does this help to overcome the problem?


    Luke Maslen
    Blackmagic Design

  • Nicolas Bigler

    May 10, 2011 at 5:37 pm

    Hi Luke,

    Thanks for your advice I set it all up and did as you suggested, but it still crops the sides (less than in 1080/50i) as you can see in the images below:

    the original image is:

    and this is what I get on the projector (horizontally 1 and 10 are missing):

    In this configuration I have:

    Panasonic AW-HS50: 720p output over SDI

    HD Link Pro (through utility):

    • Override Monitor’s Preferred EDID settings: enable
    • Scale video to fill larger display: disabled
    • Standard definition video scales as :1:1

    but for all the above settings, enabling or disabling doesn’t seem to change anything. I always get the same image on the projector.


    • DVI input
    • almost no settings possible on format

    Do you have any further advice I really would welcome your help.



    Nicolas Bigler

  • Luke Maslen

    May 12, 2011 at 1:23 am

    Hi Nicolas,

    On the HDLink, please disable the override EDID option.It is OK to leave the “scale video to fit larger display” option enabled to help reduce black borders around the picture. I would recommend that standard definition be set to scale to 4:3 so it looks normal.

    I checked through a manual for your projector which I found on online. Please experiment with changing a few of the DVI input settings and see if it helps as I believe it should.

    Try changing the PC System menu from Auto to D-SVGA. There are several D-SXGA options so please try each one. If none of them solve the problem, try D-UXGA.

    If that still doesn’t help, then please give your closest Blackmagic Design support office a call so they can work through the problem with you.

    Luke Maslen
    Blackmagic Design

  • Nicolas Bigler

    May 12, 2011 at 5:43 am


    here are the results of the next tests:

    The projector seems to set the resolution automatically without the possibility to change it.

    If I connect the computer directly to the projector (or the video mixer over the DVI output), I have a the full image on the projector and everything is ok:

    Projector: D-XGA (same resolution as when I connect the HD Link Pro or the Panasonic mixer)
    Macbook: 1024×768 (available: 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768, 1344×1008, 1600×1200) no “real video” format available

    If I boot my macbook in Windows, I have other computer resolutions:

    • 24×768 cropped (heighed & width) Proj D-XGA
    • 1368×769 cropped h&w, Proj D-WXGAs
    • 1400 x1050 minimum cropped in width (just a few pixels on each sides) Proj D-SXGA
    • 1600×900 fine Proj D-UXGA
    • 1600×1200 fine Proj D-UXGA
    • 1920×12

    00 fine Proj D-UXGA (a few green pixels on the screen??)

    However on the above (WindowsXP), the image doesn’t cover all of the projector image (black around)

    My problem, is that the projector is setting the resolution automatically and doesn’t seem to allow me to change anything.
    On the other side, the macbook recognizes the projector and adapts the resolution but for some reasons, the HD Link Pro doesn’t react the same way.



    Nicolas Bigler

  • Nicolas Bigler

    May 18, 2011 at 5:45 am

    So in summary in an attempt to close this thread, and make it useful to other users who may have similar problems:

    Firstly, a huge thank you to Luke for his support and clear explanations. Having people like him definitely makes it much easier to work.

    In the case of my video setup, I came to the following conclusion (Luke correct me if I’m wrong):

  • There is a communication issue between the Blackmagic HD Link Pro SDI and the Projector Sanyo PLV-WF10. Both devices try to set the best resolution automatically, the resulting incompatibility gives a cropped image.
  • Ideally, for my situation, it would be perfect to be able to force the resolution output from the Blackmagic HD Link Pro (in this case to 720p50 or 1080i50) as when it is set that way, on the Panasonic AW-HS50E’s DVI output, the projector is working fine over DVI.
    Maybe an idea for Blackmagic, would be to release a firmware & utility software update which would allow forcing one resolution to the output if that be technically feasible. Luke any idea if that could be a possible BM update? 😉

  • On the projector, there is a component input that allows 1080i, I probably should try the Blackmagic Mini converter SDI to Analogue which should (at least I hope this time it would be the case as it would be the 3rd Blackmagic converter to be tested) solve my problem.
  • As shown below, using the component input will allow me to force the resolution of the projector to the same sent from the Panasonic AW-HS50E. The new connection would be:

    • Mixer: SDI out 1080i50
    • BM SDI to Analogue: component out 1080i50
    • Projector: Component in 1080i50

    As recommended by Luke, I will contact the closest Blackmagic Design support office (the UK in my case) to discuss the above.

    I hope this can also help other users to find the best BM converter for their use (as they are really nicely designed converters). (and maybe give ideas to Blackmagic’s fantastic developpers for firmware/software updates)


    Nicolas Bigler

  • Nicolas Bigler

    June 30, 2011 at 5:09 am

    So to close this long thread, and to make it helpful for users with similar problem, here is the end of the story.

    In the end we purchased a Blackmagic SDI to Analog miniconverter. The main cable is in SDI, and we convert to Analog (Component in 1080i50) just before the projector (the last 50 cm).

    This solution works perfectly and we can now run in full HD without any problem.

    Thanks again to the Blackmagic team for their precious help and all the time Luke has been investing to find the solution.

    The current setup is now:

    I hope this can be helpful to others



    If anybody is interested in a brand new Blackmagic HD Link Pro (just used for this thread’s tests) we haven’t been able to exchange it and will be looking at selling it .

    Nicolas Bigler

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