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  • Bitmap To Vector For Large Scale Stencil

  • Rury Mason

    March 18, 2017 at 9:20 am

    Hi guys,

    Firstly, any suggestions on how to attack this project would be much appreciate. I have plenty of time to experiment in the pursuit of the best results.

    I need to recreate a sketch/manipulated photo I produced in PS on a multiple boards approx 3m high as part of a marketing campaign. My plan is to use 2 stencils (laser cut using reusable, durable mylar) to establish the image using spray paint, and fill in all remaining elements by hand, using mixed media (acrylics, paint pen, more spray, etc).

    The image layers I need to make stencils from were created by posterising the original photo, and then lifting them out from the image using magic wand (see linked images). The auto-trace tools destroy all the archival, pixelated detail that gives the image all the cool, “sketchy” looking qualities I need to keep. I’m wondering if there is a method/hack where I can vectorise every single detail in this layer without doing something mad like a 50 hour (?!) manual trace of every single bloody pixel.

    This is the layer I need to turn into a vector for stencil production is:

    Here’s the original sketch:

    Thanks in advance everyone.


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