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  • Betacam Deck from Camera as Player/Recorder

     tony updated 16 years ago 2 Members · 2 Posts
  • Steve Panciera

    April 4, 2005 at 3:06 am

    I can’t see any video when using my camera’s beta deck as my player/recorder. It’s a BVV-5 beta sp deck. I’m coming out of my deck via the playback adaptor and going into a VTR playback adaptor(VA-500), then going into the IO LA box, composite. Then going into the computer, firewire. I’m getting audio but no video. I’m not sure what the settings need to be in the Audio/Video Settings. Right now they are set at uncompressed 10-bit NTSC 48kHz and the Capture Preset is at AJA IO LA composite 10-bit-NTSC US 48 kHz. This is all on Final Cut Pro. I know it’s just got to be the right combination of settings but i’m at a loss for what they are.


  • tony

    April 4, 2005 at 6:50 pm


    The right combination is to stop immediately what you are doing. The BVV-5/VA-500 is absolutely the worst quality betacam sp playback option possible. The VA-500 does not have a time base corrector nor any drop out compensation.

    The 5/VA500 is simply for playback confirmation in the field never to be used for any quality playback or capture into a NLE. The unit does not play back at unity reference video levels.

    Composite playback with the VA/500 will offer you the noisy, lowest resolution playback image possible. In addition it is highly unrecommended to use a field recorder for constant playback as this was never the intended use.

    There is absolutely no sense in trying to capture at 10 bit uncompressed given the fact you are throwing away all the image quality right from the beginning.

    Do yourself a big favor and rent,borrow or steal a studio betacam vtr such as a pvw-2800 or bvw series which have tbc’s as well as rs-422 control for capturing into FCP.

    Use the right equipment for the right job and you and your client’s will be much happier.

    Tony Salgado

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