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  • Best Way to Compress Video Size to be Re-Scaled Later

  • Mario Zigante

    January 22, 2021 at 1:22 am

    I have a bit of a strange one,

    I am working on large scale video walls with resolutions such as 12960 (W) X 1920 (H). However, the software only allows videos of a standard 4K resolution (3840 (W) X 2160 (H) to be played, anything larger won’t be accepted into the system and will not play. Currently, what I do is create the compositions at the native resolution of the video wall (12960 x 1920) then in Media Encoder I keep the same aspect ratio but downscale the video into a size that the system accepts leaving me with 3840 (W) x 568 (H). That resolution then gets blown back up on the video wall to cover the full 12960 x 1920 size.

    I know that seems quite wasteful, but my company wants to use the full size of the wall and the wall won’t accept video past standard 4k. My question is; Does anybody know of a better way I might be able to encode video to keep as much quality as possible? Am I doing the most optimal thing I am able to currently? I have been trying to think of other solutions but am no expert when it comes to problem solving these kind of technical issues encoding.

    If it helps trouble shoot at all, I use adobe creative cloud. After Effects for most of my compositions, and Media Encoder to encode it. I export to H.264 to get an MP4. I use “Scale To Fit” inside Media Encoder and have experimented with “Squishing” the composition using “Stretch To Fill” in an attempt to get a clearer image but it seems content is going off the edges when re blown up so that creates some problems.

    Thank you all for your time and help, I hope you have a nice day!

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