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  • Best practices for organizing clips with timecode and single audio track

  • Jeff Wright

    July 23, 2021 at 1:55 pm

    Hi guys! My company recently started using Tentacle Track E audio recorders to record multi hour/all day clips. We are using the Sync E timecode generators on the cameras. We might roll 300 shots during the 12 hour day. We bring all of the media into Tentacle Studio pro and spit out an XML and then importing than into PP and then getting a 12 hour timeline and each clip in it’s respective synced position throughout the day. As far as I know the easiest way to link things is by razoring the audio to match the ins/outs on the video clips and then linking them. This isn’t a super big deal just very time consuming when you are dealing with hundreds of clips. Any shortcuts? There isn’t some kind of magic ripple delete that would delete the audio to match the gaps in the video is there? It would be a pretty cool function if Tentacle Studio had a setting for this. Thanks!!

  • Brice Munn

    July 30, 2021 at 12:05 pm

    Appreciate this doesn’t help you, but I really wish there was a ‘sync all clips in bin’ kind of function. Like you, we often roll Multicam + sound throughout the day. We sync with lockit boxes. It’ll be great if Premiere could automatically create a sequence with layers for all the sources, populate those layers, and sync the contents. Wishful thinking I guess. Theoretically I see no reason why it’s not possible though.

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