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  • Best autonomous drone that’s available now?

  • Everett McEwan

    September 25, 2015 at 10:26 pm

    Hi everyone I’m surprised there’s not a drone forum on here yet (should be) so forgive me if this is in the wrong category.

    I want a drone that will fly itself and follow me or my subjects ( using a homing device or phone), and I know there are several in development right now such as Lily or snap, but none are available immediately. I’m looking for something to use for snowboarding projects this winter, and I don’t want to have to manage the drone I want it to follow a subject so that I can focus on shooting on the ground. I don’t want to have to learn how to fly one of the things I want something that can get me the good aerial shots I’m looking for without trouble.

    Thanks Everett

  • bryce arroyo

    October 6, 2015 at 5:44 pm


    Give me a call and lets go over some options. Happy to help you find the right drone, that allows you to just let it follow you while you shoot on the ground.

    Bryce Arroyo
    Maxx Digital

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