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  • Will Duncan

    May 6, 2021 at 3:11 pm

    I decided I’d take a swing at building my own ZFS solution out of spare parts and some drive purchases. Part learning experiment, part cause we need some extra storage for long term client project.

    I’m trying to figure out the best test/lab method for bench testing the unit before I actively hit it with a bunch of edit bays. I know there are a few sysadmin/integrator members on CC.

    I started with dd test, knowing those weren’t a true representative of any form of actual real file read and writes.

    Then I moved to Bonnie++, ancient, but highly recommended tool over the years. Results weren’t that far off dd though.

    And then someone recommended “fio” to me yesterday, so I’ve been head deep in the man pages for fio trying to figure out a real world benchmarking testing solution script for video production. Most people testing server speed seem to be going for machines that handle database or small file read writes.

    After I benchmark the build in both a dual RaidZ2 and mirrored vdev configuration and make a decision, I’ll move on to tuning the system and bench marking against clients. This whole process in my head is going to take a month.

    Anyone have any experience with fio? Or have a method of testing/burn in for server builds and would like to talk it over?

    I’d appreciate the help. I’ve always just had enterprise solutions at my disposal for work, but our company is at an age to where we have a lot of older parts and I’m finally apple to cobble some home grown solutions together for additional projects and learn some new level of understanding in SAN/NAS architectures. And dive into ZFS, which is very interesting to me.

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