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  • Mads Nybo jørgensen

    January 11, 2024 at 6:36 pm

    Yeah – I think that we should go back to tape-2-tape editing!
    Or back in my day, I started out cutting and splicing 35mm film back together, normally after the 20-year old reel had broken apart on the projector 😱😀

    One can only wonder what Kremlin would do with Avid, that is if they have any computers and internet connection left that can run the subscription…

    But the lay-offs is apart of a retirement programme, started before the take-over.
    Guessing that it has been quiet as some of those people would have walked away with a substantial amount of cash, so they did not have to work again:

    No disrespect to Avid employees recently moved on, or still there.
    Sometimes you’ll need to burn down the forest, in order for new plan-life to flourish.
    And, IMHO currently Avid is in a mess that might best be sorted by new “sprouts”.
    Pro-Tools appear to be their big no 1 earner, and the MediaComposer on a distant second space in their product line-up.
    Their website is slow and cluttered, like what one would experience from a MLM offering.

    It is difficult to find any excitement about a product that used to sell itself, when all the noise in the market is about every other product, than Avid.

    Just an opinion.

    Still hoping to put my recently purchased Avid MC keyboard to use, and pick up where I left off 25 years ago. But today, if I ask my clients about Avid, even within the bigger organisations, the producers looks at me with a blank face and ask “Avid, what is that?”.


    London, NOT Kremlin…

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