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  • AVCCAM Viewer doesn’t work

  • Seth Marshall

    May 13, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    I just finished a shoot with my AF100 and the prod company needs to log footage but the person doing so isn’t using FCP. During the shoot I backed up all my cards by creating Disk Images of each using FCP’s Log and Transfer utility.

    I referred them to Panasonic’s AVCCAM viewer downloadable on their website but they couldn’t get it to work. I myself went ahead and downloaded it but it isn’t recognizing my Disk Images after I mount them and isn’t letting me change the source in the “copy” function. It simply says “No SD/Blu Ray disc drive” (Mac’s don’t have Blu Ray anyhow….I’m NOT impressed with this program at all..)

    I’ve read the useless manual and as far as I can tell this program is worthless.. Does anyone know how to get it to work?

    Also, anticipating there may be issues, last night using FCP Log and Transfer I transcoded everything to ProResLT. I had about 400 clips total and it appears 2 of them didn’t transcode. There is an “!” next to it and when I retry the transfer utility just hangs. Are these corrupted clips? Is this normal and can I fix them?

    Why did we go tapeless again?

  • Haydn Allbutt

    September 25, 2012 at 11:30 pm

    I know this is an old post, but I regularly look up information about topics I am currently working on and find information posted on Forums invaluable. Unfortunately I can’t offer a solution but just wanted to add here that as of Wed 26th September 2012 the Panasonic AVCCAM viewer software is still not fixed. It is still useless.

    I use my AG-AC160AEN to record ice skating competitions. They routinely run over three or four days. So I will generally end up with 240 or so clips. Unfortunately the .MTS file type that my Panasonic camera records to can NOT readily be played by most viewers, inlcuding windows media player, VLC player, real player or DivX player. So I needed something that I can quickly look at clips and log what is on them (I just type this into excel) for when I am ready to edit.

    My work flow is to film, take the SD cards at the end of the day, copy the .mts files to my computer using teracopy (which checks that the files were copied correctly), then once the competition is finished I get to work editing.

    As I say nothing can play these file types except the camera itself or Premiere Pro (which is my editing software of choice). But it is a bit cummbersome to import all files to a premiere pro project, just so I can check them out.

    I thought AVCCAM viewer would be able to view them, but once I had installed the software, I couldn’t open any of the video files. On page 24 of the manual I found the note, “For image data in the PC, it is possible to play back only the image data copied using this software. It is not possible to play back data copied using Explorer, etc.” This is the only place this is mentioned, there is no instruction in the camera’s manual or on Panasonic’s web site telling any body this.

    Since I copy my video files using Teracopy I effectively can’t use this software to view them.

    Secondly, when I take a card from my camera and try to use AVCCAM viewer software to copy the files, the AVCCAM viewer tells me “Images may be damaged. Insert media on which images were properly recorded.”

    So not only can this software not view any of Panasonic’s own file type (panasonic together with sony developed the .MTS file type), but the software can not copy any files from a card used to record them. And no, my card was not damaged, the files can still be viewed on the camera and in Premiere Pro, it is just the software that is useless.

    Panasonic, can you please for the love of God, fix your AVCCAM viewer software. We would like it to:

  • View any .mts file anywhere, no matter how they got there, eg whether copied by AVCCAM viewer or Explorer or any other method
  • Fix the fault that prevents AVCCAM viewer from recognising intact and functional files on a recorded card
  • If you are going to have such a limitation on your software that you can only view files that were copied by the software, you need to tell people about that so they know to use this software to copy the files to their drive – your software should NOT be this limited but if it is bacause you don’t have very good programmers working for you then at least tell people more clearly of this limitation
  • NB: I say again, because video files on a professional shoot are way too valuable to just copy across with anything, we need to use software that checks the integrity of the copied file. Therefore I do NOT want to have to use AVCCAM viewer to copy files. So you MUST allow AVCCAM viewer play files that have been copied by other software. This functionality is NOT open for discussion or excuses.

    Lastly, could Panasonic also PLEASE release some codecs for this file type so other media viewers can play these files (eg windows media player).

    If anyone working at Panasonic or anywhere else who knows who at Panasonic to send this too, please do.


  • Haydn Allbutt

    September 25, 2012 at 11:54 pm

    Update to above:

    Ok, I have just managed to get the .MTS files to play using VLC (VLC wouldn’t play them before for me, I know this player plays just about anything ordinarily, but I was having trouble with .MTS files). I downloaded the KLite codec pack (version 9.3.0), which has some codecs for .MTS supposedly (

    The KLite codec pack can be down loaded from here:

    I installed them, watching out for the various yahoo powered search bars it tried to install using sneaky opt-out check boxes, then without even restarting my computer VLC could play the .MTS files without any trouble. Futhermore the files play smoothly without any jitter, lag or dropped frames that I know are usually a problem with .MTS file playback, even on clips that are over a Gb on an external hard drive via a USB 2.0 connection.

    I hope this helps some people.

  • Jan Crittenden Livingston

    September 26, 2012 at 2:30 pm


    I think that the AVCCAM viewer can and does work, but it is not a long view solution product. It was adopted out of the consumer side, and is fairly low performance in what a professional might want it to do.

    There is a product that is very robust made by Imagine Products that does a very nice job. In fact they have a couple of tools that I think would be invaluable in the process of working with AVCHD.


    These maintain the initial file naming structure, which AVCCAM Viewer doesn’t do.

    I hope this helps,


    Jan Crittenden Livingston
    Product Manager, AVCCAM, AG-3DA1, AG-AF100
    Panasonic Broadcast & TV Systems

  • Steve Hardesty

    January 26, 2013 at 10:04 pm

    I haven’t used the viewer you referenced but I used Shotput pro all the time and love it.

    I know this sounds funny and maybe I’m just cheap but I use a HD tv/monitor to play back from the cam when I am reviewing my cuts and taking my notes. I can be log and transferring one card or dumping it with shotput and be reviewing another card on my TV/Monitor at the same time this way. Works for me anyway.

    Videos are like Tattoos….
    Cheap ones aren’t good and good ones aren’t cheap!

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