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  • Augmented Reality for murals?

  • Stephen Pickering

    July 27, 2021 at 4:55 pm

    Hi there. Not sure where this post is most appropriate. We’ve been getting more and more interested in augmented reality (mostly image markers) and are wondering if any of you have some experience which you could help guide us down the right path (or paths).

    In out community we have about 10 permanent murals (and more going up annually). We would love to let people point their phones at the murals and have them come alive (with 3D, 2d video, interview, etc.).

    We don’t know if this would be an experience for just a single month or semi-permanent (we would love to make this a permanent live experience that we can update as needed). Cost is a concern as we would need sponsorships.

    Snap was an option we considered but the “lenses” can only have a certain number of image markers they can recognize, which long term could be very confusing if people had to figure out which lens works for which mural.

    Overly is an interesting option and tracks incredibly well, but the cost is a bit higher (3D is a custom quote). There’s also some security concerns when using a public image (like a mural) that could easily be highjacked.

    We looked into which is interesting and uses QR codes for each unique image. This is intriguing in that the user doesn’t have to install anything but just has to give camera permissions to the website. The downside is that the tracking and recognition isn’t very good (with different lighting conditions or obstructions). Cost isn’t too bad either. However, the requirement for a QR code might be a negative in that we would have to have it mounted to the wall or printed in a brochure of some sort- this might be fine for temporary use but might not be ideal for permanent.

    We are looking into Adobe Aero now, but our office is based on Windows and Android…

    Do any of you have experience with this? Any suggestions we should look into?

    Thank you!


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