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  • audition vs izotope interesting findings on noise removal

  • Chris Wright

    November 27, 2017 at 4:07 am

    I think creative cow needs an izotope forum. anyways, I was directly comparing izotope rx 6 to audition with noise removal. audition worked well with certain FFT sizes like 4096, but others not so well. I usually work backwards because its easier to hear if you’re on the right track by ramping up the intensity of sound removal to max, then output noise only. this way, if I hear any dialogue, I am not on the right track. then I simply need to try other settings.

    Anyway, the main reason I am posting is that RX 6 advanced had all these new dialogue filters and they all seemed very similar. Apparently, they were each machine learned by a different way; one by dialogue vs footsteps and traffic, another by random broadband noise like radio static, and one just for wind. As it turned out, I had one file that had all three problems.

    So I decided to try them out. They all worked reasonably well, at least as good or slightly better than audition. but I was wondering. What if I tried all three. What order would they go in? Would it make it worse overall from distortion? What I found out is very interesting.

    I’ve found that if you run dialogue isolate with a very low setting like 1.5 separate and -6db reduction. then do voice denoise, adaptive -6, then all that’s left is a nice voice with no noise except the wind, then the de-wind works 10x better. Now you’re left with clear dialogue with zero distortion. So, apparently you need all 3 in that specific order. I tried other orders but my instincts were correct that you use the least damaging filters first, then all the excess noise falls through the chain in a certain way.

    This is also how I use audition and grading as well

    Your thoughts?

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