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  • steve knattress

    May 16, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    I have just had Lots of problems editing using an old mojo with latest PC’s (firewire problem) windows 7 and MC5.5. (recording onto edit share)

    I had to go back to the old mojo at a clients for an SD project from an new aja express system to take in analogue audio from an analogue mixing desk.
    I had many (io) crashes and blue screens during editing, requirng a reboot of avid and several time the whole computer.

    It appears that the mojo, new computers (firewire?) , windows7, MC5.5 do not like each other.
    (turning audio scrub off helps a little, …but not a lot)

    What are people using to get analogue audio (to gther with SDI video from switcher) into an avid using an aja express io? (SDI only)

    Will an audio embedder work to get the audio embedded into the aja and hence avid.

    What version of MC to get audio punchin to work from SDI embedded audio? (for audio dub)
    (Its greyed in 5.5 with an aja express xena installed)

    Or forget the aja for input and use something else, possibly USB audio in?
    Can I still use the aja for monitoring, if using a separate device for input?


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