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  • Audio not in Sync with TC — WAVE files

  • Tod Hopkins

    February 21, 2008 at 7:20 pm

    FCP 6.? (current) and QT 7.4.1

    The synchronization of audio with the TC changes when WAVE files with TC are cut into sequence.

    If I mark an in point at 01:00 and out at O2:00, the resulting aux clip in the sequence looks fine from a TC point of view. In is 01:00 and out is 02:00, even when reopened in the viewer. But the actual audio in the new sequence clip, is the audio from roughly 1 second earlier relative to the original clip. The viewed waveform reflects what you actually hear.

    Clips were imported with import broadcast wave set to “non-drop” and the sequence is non-drop. The sequence is 720p59.94 (not 29.97)

    I don’t know how the original WAVEs were created accept that they have a TC track reported in QT, though QT can’t seem to read it.

    Any ideas?


    Tod Hopkins
    Hillmann & Carr Inc.

  • Andreas Kiel

    February 22, 2008 at 5:06 pm

    What’s the sampling rate of those files?
    The problem you describe sounds a “NTSC Slow Second” problem where it needs 1.001 second to play 1 second of real world AV.
    Try to start over the project. First close any open project. Then choose a new “Easy Setup” for the settings you need. It’s a good idea to quit FCP then and re-launch. Hopefully FCP has forgotten you BWAVs then. Now import the files again.

    Regarding the timecode, the audio timecode from BWAV files is a “TC64” which differ from “TC32” of normal video files. In QT Player you can make it visible if you check the box on the left of the track – DO NOT save that. It’s displayed in “samples after midnight”.

    You may also try my BWF2XML which creates a QT wrapper for those BWAVs which use the standard QT timecode. This will fix the files playback speed. Though in FCP you might see a bar for the audio this means that FCP no longer sees them as native 48 kHz. They still perform real time.
    BWF2XML can be found at:
    Quite a lot of US movies where done with the help of it.

    Andreas Kiel


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