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  • Audio linking & brightness/contast in Sorenson Squeeze (from Avid)

  • Nick Ravich

    November 3, 2010 at 3:24 am

    Hello- Bit of a Sorenson Squeeze novice so bear with me. Running Avid Media Composer 2.8.3 on older Mac Pro, 10.4 OS. Not sure what version level of SS I’m running.

    Typically been exporting MP4s directly from Avid but now realizing SS will give me a level of control (and allow me to meeting increasingly particularized delivery specs) and better overall pic quality. Thing is, still haven’t quite mastered the Avid to SS workflow, esp re audio.

    So here’s what I’ve been doing. Bec/ I’ve noticed that compressing a audio AND video reference QT (exported from Avid MC) gives me some wonky audio, I’ve tried to separate them out and then combine using the audio link function. So I export a separate video only (enabled tracks, Avid codec, RGB color) and separate audio only (mixed down, AIFF) reference QTs from Avid MC. Which gives me 3 files – 1 vid QT, 1 audio QT, 1 audio AIFF. So I then in turn import the vid QT into SS, link that to audio QT (or AIFF), then import the linked audio QT (or AIFF.) Then hit squeeze. Problem is, using either that audio only .mov or the AIFF, the SS exported QT (an MP4) doesn’t have any audio.

    When I play the uncompressed audio-linked video in the SS app interface it plays with audio. And I’ve checked the compression setting box, and have definitely set the audio parameters. Any ideas? Maybe I just don’t understand the audio link function? Am I linking the wrong bit of media? Maybe there’s something off with my Avid reference QT export settings? Again, I’ve separated out the audio bec/ I’ve noticed that if I try and compress a audio-video ref QT, audio transitions/fades seems to be missing.

    One other thing. Very significant contrast/brightness difference bet/ orginal video in Avid timeline window (or straight Avid exported version) and SS compressed version. SS ver. is very noticeably darker, warmer, more contrasty. I know I can adjust in SS app but would rather not go thru that step. Something in my Avid export settings?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Sincerely, Nick.

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