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Forums Adobe Premiere Pro Audio filters become null when switching between computers, different OS?

  • Audio filters become null when switching between computers, different OS?

  • Andrew D’Amico

    April 29, 2021 at 6:14 pm


    I work for a small production company wherein I am in charge of the final audio mix for just about everything that we send out. As we’re working on multiple machines and some of us from home, we regularly trade projects back and forth.

    I have noticed a bug on some occasions where when one of my projects is opened on another computer, all of the audio filters I’ve applied become null.

    Attached below is a screen cap of the filters working properly, then the difference after the transfer.

    To fix this, I must go through every filter on every clip, and reset the channel routing, or manually set from “none” to “1”:

    I don’t have enough information to conclude why this is happening sometimes and not others, but I suspect it’s a case of opening projects between operating systems. We all use Mac in the office, and the first time I noticed the issue was a coworker opening the project on a Big Sur computer, after having done the work on a Catalina. Since then it seems predictable that switching between other OS, like Mojave, will also produce this bug.

    I searched through message boards, even Adobe’s help center, and found nothing on any of this. Why do audio filters even have this re-map option? How do I counteract this bug so that my work doesn’t become a tedious mess when switching between computers?

    The option of exporting audio separately isn’t a viable solution, because our projects often require revisions even after the supposedly final version.

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