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  • Assigning Audio Roles within a Synchronized Clip?

  • dallas kruse

    August 15, 2022 at 5:36 pm

    I’m learning about Roles, Synched clips, etc in FCPX.

    I have a bunch of video clips imported into FCPX. They’re slated and labeled with the appropriate camera/angle.

    I also have all my rough mixed audio 2 mixes imported into my project.

    So, I have something like this for my video clips:





    And then I have the same for audio files:





    I went to each video clip and selected it and then selected the correct audio file and created a SYNCHRONIZED CLIP. I did this for each video clip so I could deal with already synched audio to my video clips within my timeline. Now I have synched clips that I can edit within my timeline/storyline.

    I want to assign the audio within the synched clips to a role called “TEMP AUDIO” so I can easily mute/unmute any audio that isn’t a final mix. When I select the synched clip on my timeline, within the Audio Roles dropdown in the inspector, I’m unable to assign an audio role to that clip.

    If I double click on the synched clip, it will open in the storyline editor and show me the single video and audio file used in that synched clip.

    I can highlight the audio file in that synched clip and assign the role there but if I have to do this for every synched video clip in my timeline, it’ll take forever.

    I tried assigning the audio role in my Clips Browser. It successfully assigned the audio clip to the new role but that didn’t change the synched clips role. When I change the audio clip within the browser, it doesn’t impact that audio on my timeline.

    What am I missing? Why can’t I re-assign audio roles within a synched clip?

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