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     Ernest Rosado updated 1 week ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Ernest Rosado

    January 11, 2021 at 2:11 am

    Hi all,

    Looking for the best way to archive my projects. When I start a new project, I create a folder for it and import all my footage and assets. This folder is also where I hold files that Premiere can’t import, things like Word Docs, the RAW still images from my camera, the project files for the music I created for the video, the final render of the Premiere project itself, and other files.

    I also use elements scattered from across the drive, sometimes I use old footage archived on my NAS, sometimes I have reusable elements like my title sequence that are in other folders on the drive, etc.

    Once I’m done with the project, I want to archive it to my NAS and move it off my system drive.

    Seems the Project Manager in premiere will copy all the files to a single folder, but then the problem becomes all the extra files that Premiere couldn’t import, or footage I ended up not using/importing into the project. I want to back those up too and they’re missing. Furthermore Premiere just dumps all my media into a folder and I lose the bin structure in the filesystem. This makes it a nightmare later on when I’m looking for one type of file that “should” be sorted into, say, a b-roll folder but is instead just in one giant folder along with all the other assets for the project.

    So what’s your workflow to manage project archival? Are there any good third-party utilities to do this? How do you handle non-premiere assets that still need to stay with the archived project?

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