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  • applying same filter to many layers at once

  • Danny Perez-Triana

    June 9, 2020 at 5:56 pm

    Hey all I’m trying to recreate a flip book style motion where I take an image sequence created in Photoshop, and turn it into an animation in AE. But i’ll have like 200 frames/layers in the Photoshop comp. so it gets very tedious to select each layer individually and apply the filter.

    I tried using a smart filter, but once the filter is applied, i have to rename each layer to the same layer name for the export to work (image sequence), and smart filter keeps it all in one folder that I can’t individually control/rename the layers.

    I Basically want to copy and paste a filter to a ton of layers all at once while keeping them stacked as layers so I can rename them individually and export them as an image sequence.

    I’m trying to avoid individually selecting each layer (up to 300), clicking add filter one by one.

    the last step of that export is renaming every layer the same name, label, etc.

    I appreciate any input, hope everyone is ok out there,


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