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  • Apple Motion Linked Dropzones

     Ben Balser
    updated 3 months ago
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  • Dan Wagner

    October 20, 2021 at 12:18 am


    I’m a newbie learning motion and trying to build some slideshow templates for use in FCPX. I have a few templates created.

    Wanted to see if it’s possible to have two drop zones linked so that when an image is applied to one it applies to the other as well.

  • Ben Balser

    December 15, 2022 at 3:51 pm

    You can use a clone layer to do this easily. Right-click the Drop Zone, near the bottom of that pop-up menu is the option to “Make Clone Layer” which will be just that, a clone you can position and animate separately. Adding an image to the parent DZ will also add it to the clone.

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