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Forums JVC Cameras anyone with D9 experience? I have a challenge.

  • anyone with D9 experience? I have a challenge.

     bill richards updated 8 years, 3 months ago 4 Members · 6 Posts
  • Richard Miller

    March 24, 2011 at 4:12 am

    Ok, Ill try to keep this focused.

    Gear: KY-27BU , BR-D40U, and a BR-D85U Deck. one DS-124 tape.

    background, went to broadcast school in the pre digital age. been wanting to start a video production business in my berg for years now. Decided on JVC’s D9 for it’s quality for standard definition. You have to understand my community.

    I am taking a beating…

    This is new equipment to me, so be gentle. I know the camera head works great, I have been using it my going directly into a Blackmagic card. Quality is wonderful. received my DS-124 tape shot some test footage, I had horizontal dropouts going across the screen. I remember cleaning analog decks with isopropyl and proceeded to clean the BR-D85U’s pins and rollers. I also gently cleaned the drum and heads.

    tried my only tape out, ate the tape. I cut the damaged tape out , spliced to the leader.

    I have been fighting errors that come and go all day. When I try to record all seems good. tape is moving record indicator is on… until I depress the VTR button. the warning/indicator light starts chipping away. If I press “stop” it quits. I rewind the tape, press “play” on the BR-D40U and instead of playing what I have just recorded, it takes a “freeze frame” of what the camera was last pointed at when I hit “play” . this image is in the viewfinder, not what I had just recorded.

    walk over tho the BR-D85U and see what happens…

    The BR-D85U deck is attached to a Decklink Extreme (SD edition) that is housed in a G5 powermac.FCP 5 as the editor. I have all the I/O connected between the decklink and the deck. including SDI. The system settings are set accordingly, I have it set to SDI in and out on the mac.

    I rewind the tape and get a 58-2 error (tape beginning sensor), Reload the tape press play. get a garbled grey screen. Maybe it is the Camera, it has issues. I take some existing footage and use the print to video option, Failure. same garbage, The deck says it is recording, Now the servo light on the deck starts flashing for the first couple of seconds, then the servo light burns solid. but no matter what there is no image being recorded. I had a cheap tv on the s-vid y/c output as a monitor and I had footage on that. just nothing on the tape.

    I am wondering if my tape repair actually ruined the tape. I had tried to record black to overwrite the tape, That did not seem to help. I am trying really hard to bring quality video to my area, using proper broadcast gear, and to make matters worse, some kid with a handheld dv camera just went public and is getting community press with shaky video adverts. They are for the local paper. I am afraid that his techniques will sour potential clients down the road.

    I would hate to ship my gear to JVC, but it is beginning to look like that is the only choice I have. If I write anymore it will just be stress and worry, So I wish everyone a pleasant day and Thank you.

  • John Thomason

    March 24, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    I have the same set up as you almost. I have 3 KY29s camera with D40 backs.I have a BRD80 and BRD85 and they work flawlessly.Do you have sync going to your decks. Most of the time when you get the servo light to flicker and stay on you have lost sync. Can you hook you camera to a monitor and see if the tape is playing ok in the D40 just to eliminate that as a problem

    One other thing I have found that I had more trouble out of the 124min tapes then anything. I stop buying them years ago. I only use 104s or 64s way to many dropouts and sync problems. Maybe it was just me but the color did not seem as crisp due to thinner tape,just my opinion

  • Richard Miller

    March 24, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    i just have the one camera and the one deck. they are not connected, I just have the one DS-124 tape. my Blackmagic card on my Mac has a “genlock in” but I do not have it plugged into the BR-D85U. I did not see any ports that seemed to accommodate the genlock.

  • Paul Thurston

    April 9, 2011 at 12:46 am

    Hi Richard,

    1) You shall take the 124-minute Digital-S tape and throw it out. Regardless of manufacturer, you shall banish ALL 124 minute Digital-S tapes from your gear and sight. Never again, shall the thought of recording or playing back a 124-minute Digital-S tape pass your mind.

    2) You shall ONLY use brand new Digital-S tapes and those shall be 104 or smaller in length.

    3) You shall use a brand new JVC Digital-S head cleaning tape (JVC DCL-5) on your Digital-S gear anytime you see drop outs or if the channel condition light, upon playback, changes to a color other than green (BR-D85U machine.) If a tape plays back with dropouts inside a BR-D40U, upon executing the Return button on your camcorder setup, the head is dirty/clogged. Take the Digital-S tape out and exchange it for a DCL-5 head cleaning tape. Play back the head cleaning tape for 15 seconds and then eject it out. Put your recording tape back into the BR-D40 and record. You shall never again consider cleaning JVC Digital-S recorders with any other method.

    4) If the BR-D85U machine tells you it has a 58-2 error problem, it may be related to the tape you inserted into the machine. Bad tape…

    5) The Genlock IN / Sync IN of the BR-D85U should be found in the back of the machine, near the center (from left to right.) The BNC connector should be labeled “Video In” and under that label it should read “reference.” Both the BR-D85U and the DeckLink Card should be fed the same Sync signal. Make sure you terminate the Sync In of the BR-D85U (there’s a switch for that near the BNC connector.)

    6) The Gray image you see on the BR-D40 recorder, when you playback the Digital-S tape on that machine, is a definite sign the playback head is clogged/dirty. DCL-5 head cleaning tape should be used on that machine.

    Try not to playback tapes on the BR-D40, regardless. Use the BR-D85U for playback of tapes. The playback function on the BR-D40 is for confidence checkup when you press Return on the camcorder lens.

    7) Last time I heard, the Digital-S division of JVC was no more, circa 2005. It’s highly unlikely you’ll find a JVC organization that may service your Digital-S equipment. But then again, you may find somebody who used to work for them that may still have the equipment required for service.

    Hope that helps.

    Paul Thurston

  • Paul Thurston

    April 9, 2011 at 12:57 am

    Here’s what the JVC DCL-5 head cleaning tape looks like:

    Paul Thurston

  • bill richards

    September 24, 2012 at 9:16 pm

    I have 3 BRD85u decks and 2 JVC Dy90WU camcorders that work great but I am now disabled and will sell them for any reasonable offer.
    You can buy a $400 upconverter and convert D9 to HD.

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