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  • Animated Lyric Video and Photoshop Video Questions

     Jose Pablo updated 5 years ago 1 Member · 2 Posts
  • Jose Pablo

    September 1, 2015 at 1:55 pm

    Hi guys (sorry this is a long post, but it’s long so I can pinpoint the details)

    I am working on an animated lyric video for my next single and I have a couple of questions on what steps to take next, whether to use Photoshop CC 2014, or After Effects, how to decrease file size, and most importantly how to decrease man hours!

    The main idea of the video, is that in the video I am typing the lyrics on my computer, and what I am typing goes in line with the lyrics of the song—almost karaoke style—the way I am doing it is by recording my (Mac) screen with QuickTime, so the output file is .mp4.

    The reason why I would consider Photoshop over After Effects is twofold: 1. I am already familiar with Photoshop, and I have never dabbled with After Effects, so learning After Effects well could take me weeks/months (but if I have to, I guess I will, but would like to release the video soon) and 2. With Photoshop (and what I like the most about it) I can separate the clips into layers or frames, and that way I can manipulate each layer through by deleting/adding things, and delete the non-productive frames/layers (as in the ones that while my fingers are shifting from key to key, there is dead time and space, of say 4-7 frames that are identical, until a new letter pops up, so in order to decrease sizing as well as make it more accurate to type at the speed of the words, I would like to delete these 4-7 identical/non-productive frames, and have the video be more continuous—which I know I may be being a little anal about, but I just think this looks more natural and flows better in comparison to just simply fast forwarding the video so it matches the lyrics, because I have gone and increased the speed of video to match the lyrics, but it looks really “fast-forwarded” (obviously) but also, a bit cheap).

    I will go ahead and claim that I don’t know if After Effects has this ability to analyse and delete frame by frame, if it does, please do let me know!

    I did a test, and I must say that I am mighty confused and frustrated by Photoshop video. I think it really taxes my RAM, and opening a video might take me 10 minutes for it to load, then to export, wheeeew, maybe 40 minutes to export a 4 second video. Also, importing a 4 second clip, it makes it into hundreds of layers (let’s say, 30-60fps x 4 = 120 or 240 layers) then if I transform it to 1920×1080, the file increases to 4GB, and the most I could get it down to was to 500mb by a lot, a lot of layer deletion, which then when it was all said and done churned out a 1-2 clip. Though the interesting part, is that the Photoshop file is huge, but when I export, and the video was created it was only 6.7MB.

    Anyway, I’m wondering if using After Effects will decrease my woes?

    If I still want to use photoshop for a specific thing, here is my next issue. When I put split the clip into frames/layers it gives me something like this:

    This is quite annoying, as I want the frames to be in sequence, and to last a frame, not 5 seconds. So, I could drag each one to the appropriate length, and then place them in the correct order, but that would take me years, besides it would be so tedious that i would lose all interest in continuing the project.

    Now, yesterday, I do not remember what I did, or what I pressed but something magical happened, which it automatically took care of the above step.

    it literally took a second, and it put all the frames in order, lasting each a frame, making the video super smooth, and just what i wanted, however the main problem is that for the life of me i cannot remember what I did! I have tried many other options like “flatten layers into clips” and make “convert to frame animation” but none do what I did.. does anybody know what i did?!

    Ok, I think that is all.
    Sorry for the very long post but if you have any recommendations, especially if you can solve the latter part of the post, I would really appreciate it!

  • Jose Pablo

    September 4, 2015 at 12:17 pm

    i answered my own question: you click on the “convert frames” then “make frames from clips”

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