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  • Anchor Point Script for After Effects

  • Vincenzo Imbimbo

    December 29, 2021 at 10:59 am

    Hi guys, i’m trying to create my own reposition Anchor Point Script for after effects, with the 9 buttons (top, left, right, down…) and when you click on each button the Anchor Point is automatically repositioned, i found a similar free script called “RepositionAnchorPoint” created by NAB, and that’s really close to what i want to achieve, the only difference is that i don’t want a “Reposition” button to work, i want the arrow buttons to work itself (the 9 buttons), and additional to this i want the anchor point to be repositioned in the layer including the masks, this plugin (RepositionAnchorPoint by nab) doesn’t add that featured, it simply ignores the mask, and i want it to be included, i’m asking too much? Anyone can help modify the code or any guide that can help me to achieve this Script?

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