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  • An odd feeling of Freedom

  • Chris Harlan

    July 2, 2011 at 6:27 am

    EDLs–God bless them. I’m working on my next project, and I’ve decided that I’m going to round trip starting with this one. It’s a trailer-length promo. I’m using Media Composer to get my collection of selects together from a locked picture dub, and then I’ll do a rough cut, and then I’ll send an EDL back to FCP 7. Next piece, I’ll do the same with Premiere. Then, back again. A little Protools here, A little Audition there. EDLs, XMLs, OMFs. Each time I’ll extend the use of the program a little bit, and by the end of the year my “finger fluency” should be pretty high on both Media Composer and Premiere.

    We all worked so hard, over the years, to get these programs to talk to each other. There has been such a terrific production environment created because of this. That’s one of the reasons it is so disappointing that Apple decided to say “FC*X all of that.” I laughing tonight, about folks who declare EDLs dead. Right now, that’s what giving me my freedom.

    I’m having fun.

    Oh, and MC5 is so much better than 2.8. Hooray for that!

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