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  • AME CS6 Question: How to Update Estimated File Size?

  • Jan Janowski

    August 2, 2018 at 10:25 am

    This refers to CS6 version…. Specifically AME called up within Premiere Pro CS6…

    I’ve noticed that when I EXPORT Media from Premiere Pro Using AME, That the current settings in place when AME is opened calculate an Estimated File Size…. Good!

    If I change to a different format…. That Format changes the Estimated File size… Good!

    However, if I change quality or other settings Within the selected format, The estimated file size DOES NOT CHANGE with the change in settings…

    Is there a way to have AME Update this to reflect the estimated file size based upon the changed settings?????

    Again, we are talking CS6 Master Collection versions….

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