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  • AJA TV and AJA VTR Exchange bug

    Posted by Francois Stark on December 9, 2009 at 6:25 pm


    I am using VTR Exchange to capture a drama studio’s live output to disk. We are recording direct to Apple Prores HD 1080i 25. Yes. 25FPS – for a PAL world.

    We actually wrote an application that has the following operation:
    We can select different projects to work in, each with its own capture scratch and archive directories. We can trigger recording on multiple recording systems, each using AJA VTR Exchange to capture to disk. This works rock solid.

    After each take, we pack the clips out in AJA TV – we lay them out stacked as seperate windows next to each other. The operator can then go direct to a take, scrub to the “action start” and play back to the studio control rooms over HDSDI. The director can then decide if he needs another take, or a pickup or whatever.

    After each scene is done, the operator can use the info window in AJA TV to take down the in and out codes of each shot, and read durations from the AJA TV info window.

    Only – this is not possible, because AJA TV assumes all timecode in the world runs at 30fps. Even when it displays the file info as being a 25fps file.

    See the screen capture below. After capture, both AJA VTR Exchange and AJA TV shows that the file was captured in 25FPS but the actual timecode they display assume that the timecode has 30 or 29.97FPS. Both the timecode display counters were stopped at 29 fames.

    Can you please fix the code to use the captured file’s actual timecode to display proper timecode?

    Below is just an example of the recording program in action – we recorded six takes. They are all packed out in a 3×2 array. The operator can directly choose any clip and it will play out to HDSDI. AJA TV has frame stepping and JKL control exactly as used in FCP. Great.

    Our control user interface, with a running record counter,record indicator, and local/master/slave selection is visible above and below AJA VTR Exchange, which does the actual recording for us. Big record button, big stop button.

    If the image below is too small – right-click and select “open in new window”.

    Now if we can just get the pesky timecode in AJA TV to indicate correct frames…


    Francois Stark replied 13 years, 12 months ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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