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  • aja kona 3 performance in editing?

  • Barbura Barbara

    December 3, 2012 at 8:42 am

    I am about to buy an aja kona 3 and I have some questions
    I want to use it in adobe premiere pro (probably cs 5)
    and I want to make some editing – sd and hd – some bmp images mixed with some adobe animation, efects, motions, etc – which works very hard at the moment on my system (barton 2500+)
    My question is, will it improve the editing capabilities, rendering time, etc . ?
    I will have to change my system to because it’s on pcx 1x, so I was wondering if it will be a cheap option to put it on a soket 939, or 775? Will it improve the editing so I can editn in hd, or with no problems in sd (not normal editing – cut, paste, but animation, motion editing, mixing 4 video chanels with bitmaps images, etc)?
    This aja kona 3 has a dedicated procesor, right, that works ok in premiere, or kona 3 is just for capturing, etc?
    Also, is this a video card, does the system work only with this card or you need to have a video card too, and , if so, the video signal from the aja card is sent to a diffrent monitor, or I can work the project in the same monitor that I use for my computer????
    Also, what is the second hand value of a aja kona 3 bulk?

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