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  • Erik Lingerfelt

    January 26, 2017 at 8:09 pm

    Hello, everyone.
    This is my first post in the Illustrator forum.
    I did a search in Adobe and other forums but haven’t seen anyone talking about this issue yet, so I decided to try it here.

    I’ve been using DTP apps for ages, 25+ years, all over adobe, macromedia, aldus etc… just so you guys get a bit of context about me. ☺

    So, this new version of AI 2017 has two things that are making me nuts – when they change behaviors, we all suffer I guess. Anyway, one is the Selection Tool.
    Let’s say I create a rectagle. Ok, done. Now I want to expand the smaller sides of that rectangle… whaaaaaaaat? I know we can switch to Direct Selection and work with anchors and paths, but I’m a workflow maniac so, changing tools is not productive. When I try to expand, I just have a very terrible time trying to GET the anchors (side or corners), having my rectangle rotate just about everytime. So annoying! It’s like they increased the area on which the rotate function shows up on hovering. No, just NO. No Adobe. Bad move.

    Any of you notice that?

    The other thing is the zoom. I’m used to do a select-zoom, click at a corner of an area, drag and zoom into that area (this is with the Command + spacebar combo, I’m a Mac user. PCs use Control + Spacebar). Now, when using this combo, you zoom into the place you first CLICK. I’m having a hard time getting costumed with this. Maybe a way to disable this? Haven’t found it yet…. ☹

    Thanks for any help!

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